The NLTI project is the result of the wish of a group of lawyers belonging to the BNI to extend the Givers Gain philosophy to collaboration among colleagues so that each one can offer the group his/her own specialisation and professional experience.
When the12 lawyers belonging to BNI who attended the National BNI Conference in Genoa in 2013 sat around the conference table and listened to each presentation, they discovered that no-one had a specialisation that was identical to that of the others.
We immediately understood that by following and sharing the BNI method with colleagues we could achieve a reciprocal enrichment in terms of opportunities and resources.
The sharing of this philosophy, the high professional quality and multi-disciplinary preparation resulting from our specialisations allow us to reach clients who before were not accessible to us as individuals.
So, the idea of Lawyers Emanuela Romano of Turin, Paolo Longone of Genoa and myself, Giorgio Cesare Amerio of Turin, all BNI Members since 2009, was welcomed by the other Colleagues and a deep-rooted agreement was reached, which, after the first meeting in Milan, led to the decision to form an association.
During the second meeting in Turin, we received the first shows of interest and the first membership applications. Our next phases will take us to all areas of Italy, starting from Padua in June and Bologna in the autumn.
Today we cover the areas of Turin, Milan, Genoa, Rome, Novara, Piacenza and Padua.
Our Aim is to involve and share with all lawyers belonging to BNI this common vision to become a strong reality with a far-reaching presence all over Italy and – with the involvement of partner BNI lawyers abroad –at an international level too.

BNI – Business Network International

BNI Business Network International

BNI is the largest most successful referrals exchange organisation in the world. It was founded in 1985 in the USA and in 29 years, it has made a name for itself in the world Networking scene with more than 161,000 Members and 6,600 Chapters in more than 55 Countries all over the world.
In Italy, more than 1,800 professionals and entrepreneurs belong to BNI and have chosen referral marketing as a fundamental element of their own commercial strategy.
The main aim of BNI is to increase the business of professionals and entrepreneurs by the exchange of Referrals and contacts. An exchange that occurs physically unlike other online professional networks. The Members of the BNI Chapters (a Chapter is the work team within which only one representative per professional category is allow) establish personal relations with dozens of qualified professionals and entrepreneurs.
Thanks to a structured system of giving and receiving referrals, BNI Members widen their own sphere of contacts, and, consequently, increase their own business.
The BNI philosophy is summarised in its motto: Givers Gain.
Members, who put their own sphere of contracts at the disposal of other Members and provide referrals, in turn receive contacts and new opportunities to increase their own business.