If you are a BNI lawyer, join us!

National Legal Team Italy is a single Practice with professionals trained to satisfy all their Clients’ needs.

You can download the application form In the folder you will find:

  • The application form
  • Articles of incorporation
  • By-laws
  • Membership rules
  • Internal relations rules

(applications without the following annexes will not be considered by the Committee)

  • a copy of the credit transfer order of €. 50.00; IBAN IT97E0521601000000000095790 reason for payment: membership fee year 2015
  • copy of ID document
  • copy of BNI registration application/renewal
  • copy of professional membership card

Send the filled in form to:
Segreteria National Legal Team Italy
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 84, 10121, Torino
Or by e-mail to: Segreteria NLTI
If you prefer, you can fill in the application form on line:

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Lawyer belonging to the Bar Association of:

Registered in the BNI Chapter:

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Attaches (applications without the following enclosures will not be considered by the Committee):

1) copy of credit transfer made in the name of the beneficiary National Legal Team Italy IBAN IT97E0521601000000000095790 Grounds: membership fee for the year AAAA
2) copy of identity document;
3) copy of professional membership card or annual enrolment certificate

File type: pdf, txt, doc, jpg, jpeg

For the purposes of this membership application I declare and acknowledge that I have examined the following documents: Articles of Association, Bylaws; Membership Rules, Internal Relations Rules; List of tariffs
and I declare that I fully agree with the contents and shall apply that prescribed by them and shall not breach any of the provisions laid down by the above-mentioned documents.
Within 30 days of presentation of the application I shall also attend the assessment interview indicated to me by the NLTI in order to assess my membership application.
Please fill in this form and return it to the area contact or to the Collegio dei Probi Viri

Letta l’informativa ex art. 13, D.Lgs. n. 196/2003, acconsento al trattamento dei miei dati personali anche per ricevere via posta elettronica comunicazioni in merito alle vostre attività, ad offerte commerciali e ad iniziative od eventi dalla voi organizzati.